Buying A Truck? Find Out What’s New With This Year’s Models

Buying a truck is quite an investment. These vehicles are often massive and hard to maneuver when you are not used to driving such a vehicle. Even models like the new Ford F150 look like they could head-butt a male African elephant and still come out okay. Still, for all the benefits a truck provides, it is a fairly solid purchase. With the newer trucks, there are even more features that will make driving a truck easier and more fun.

Rear View Backup Screen

Some manufacturers listened to consumers and finally began installing rear-view backup screens in the dash. This helps you back up your new truck without hitting things you could not see. Riding high in the cab of a truck is nice, but not when you have some big blind spots behind the bed of the truck! The rear-view cameras are a very nice touch.

Staying in Your Lane Alarms

Despite the massive rear-view mirrors trucks have on the sides of the cabs, you cannot always see what is creeping up alongside you. Take the tiniest of micro-cars, for example. These little cars are becoming very popular because they are extremely fuel efficient. However, their size makes it very easy for someone driving a large passenger truck to miss seeing the little cars. Many of these micro cars end up in accidents because something much larger did not see them and crossed into the lane of traffic where the micro cars were driving.

For reasons like that, truck manufacturers have begun installing the "stay in your own lane" technology. This technology sounds an alarm to get you to pay attention to the traffic around you and stay in your own lane while driving. The alarm only sounds if you begin drifting toward the center lines. Some trucks even auto-correct your position in the road!

Greater and Cleaner Fuel Efficiency

Trucks that run on diesel are already fairly fuel-efficient. However, truck manufacturers have been looking for ways to make trucks even more fuel-efficient, and make them cleaner to drive. Some companies have succeeded. If you want to drive one of these cleaner, more fuel-efficient trucks, you had best visit a dealership that sports these particular trucks for sale. They are a little more expensive than some of the other new makes and models of trucks, but it is worth it if you want to be eco-friendly and earth conscious.