Four Car Features Ideal For Holiday Bargain Shopping

Shopping for the holidays has a lot of elements to it. Along with finding the best deals on products, you need a proper ride to get you there. Getting yourself an early holiday present like a new vehicle will make it a lot easier to shop for gifts and plan various stops along your shopping route. As you browse through vehicle listings, it's a good idea to consider different features that will make easier for you to shop with. Not only will the following four features help you get through the holiday shopping season, but they can make it easier to shop all throughout the year.

Parking Assist

Before even getting into a store, one of the biggest holiday shopping hassles is dealing with parking lots. Parking can get chaotic during holiday shopping, especially on crowded days like Black Friday and Christmas Eve. Before getting involved in some of fender bender, you can easily find spots and park vehicles by purchasing a ride with parking assist built into it. A parking assist feature comes in many different forms. Some cars will use sensor technology to help park the car through automated methods. Other vehicles will use rear-view cameras and audible directions to guide you into tight spaces. No matter what version you choose, they will have a dramatic difference on the way you can park your vehicle. These types of features are ideal for reversing into spots and parallel parking on streets. The process will allow you to park much faster and get into the store as soon as possible.

Hands-Free Trunk Access

When leaving a store after holiday shopping, your hands could be full of bags, gift boxes, and bulky items just waiting to get wrapped up. The struggle from the store to the vehicle can be a challenge, especially if you do not have a cart to help hold the items. Instead of fishing in your pocket for keys or struggling to get in the car, you can purchase a vehicle with hands-free trunk access. This type of feature comes with a key fob that can detect when you're close to the vehicle. By waving your foot underneath the sensor, the trunk or back hatch of the vehicle will automatically open up. This makes it a lot easier to load things in your car in a timely manner. It also helps prevent you from having to put bags or other items on the ground while you use your keys. This is a great feature for inclement weather like rain or snow.

Floorboard Storage

As you pack gifts into cars, there may be some items that you do not want other passengers from seeing. You can help keep the holiday surprises hidden by purchasing a vehicle with floorboard storage options. These compartments are built right into the floor and are ideal for storing smaller gifts like jewelry or video games. The floorboard storage areas often feature key-lock mechanisms to help prevent anyone from snooping for presents. They also add a valuable security feature for the vehicle. As you shop at multiple stores, it's good to hide some of the more valuable items and help prevent break-ins to the car. If someone does break in to the vehicle, the items will be hidden and less likely to be stolen.

Built-In Wi-Fi Access

The days of cutting manual coupons and signing up for mailing newsletters are pretty much over. Shopping accounts, coupons, and exclusive digital deals are almost only available online. Apps and mobile websites are an ideal way to access these deals and present them while holiday shopping. Instead of going through all of your phone data to look for coupons, you can access them quickly and on the go with built-in Wi-Fi connections on your car. A number of new vehicles feature the Wi-Fi access. Not only can you load up coupons to your phone, but you can use the internet service to compare prices, find flash deals, and access sales in a matter of seconds.

Your holiday shopping experience can be completely changed by purchasing a vehicle with one or more of these features. Visit a car dealer to look for specific models with these features built into them.