4 Trim Packages Available On New And Used Nissan Vehicles

Nissan offers a number of trim packages filled to the brim with options that make equipped cars a true pleasure to own. Therefore, it is quite beneficial to take the time to look for cars featuring these packages when buying new or used. After all, trying to piece together the options you want with aftermarket parts can take a considerable amount of time and money. You are much better off waiting for the perfect vehicle to come along before making your final purchase. Here are four trim packs to consider during your search.

Style Pack

If you are in the market for a multipurpose vehicle that does not take up a lot of room, you might want to consider a hatchback, like the Note. Nissan hatchbacks are often equipped with a style pack that improves the appearance without compromising utility. The style pack utilizes attractive side skirts, roof spoiler and bumper skins to make the car look sporty and ready to go. The high quality black and steel alloy rims feature five offset V shapes that give the overall design a bit of movement and sophistication. The style pack does not add performance options, however, as most hatchbacks are designed for efficiency, utility and comfort, not power.

Midnight Release

Nissan gave their crossover line a stylish appearance upgrade with the midnight edition package. When you select a vehicle with this package, techs install a swooping spoiler, decorative caps for the mirrors and high quality rims. The deep black, multi-point rims give the vehicle a sporty stance and attractive profile appearance. Nissan does allow you to upgrade your vehicle with the options available with the midnight package, but it will cost you significantly more when purchased separately. Furthermore, when having the package installed during the initial car purchase, you can work the cost into your negotiations, potentially lowering the investment amount even more.

Nismo Flare

The Nismo package is a performance-minded option available on a number of Nissan vehicles. You can find it on the GT-R, 370Z, 350Z and Juke. Vehicles equipped with this package receive upgrades to the suspension, brakes, engine and aerodynamic accessories. The end result is an increase in acceleration, braking and handling performance. On most models, the aggressive styling includes an attractive chin spoiler, rear deck spoiler, side skirts and reworked bumper skins. Nismo vehicles are only available from limited production runs, so your wait for a new or used model may test your patience a bit.  

Black Edition

Perhaps the most elusive of all the Nissan packages is the black edition, which only comes on the newest GT-R models. The black edition replaces all of the steel and aluminum panels with high tech carbon fiber materials. Nissan further decreased the weight of the vehicle by equipping it with low profile tires and lightweight rims. Although this edition does not receive the engine upgrades found on the Nismo package, you will still see a boost in performance due to the weight savings. In addition, the carbon fiber accents make this vehicle's appearance stand out even more.  

Waiting It Out

Your chosen new or used Nissan dealer will happily help you search for, or order, a car with the trim package you desire. When looking for a specific vehicle configuration, you may have to wait a little longer for it to hit the lot or go through the production process. To make the wait easier, your dealership will provide updates about the status of your used vehicle search or new vehicle order. Once your vehicle arrives at the dealership, you will promptly receive a call to come pick it up.  For more information on new Nissans, click here.